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Communication about a specific location usually involves street address, building number, zip code, city name and country. These addresses have many shortcomings including lack of global standardization, local language character's usage, and spilling mistakes to name a few.

Geographically locations on the earth are identified by combinations of longitude and latitude. The numbers of longitude and latitude is stated in a way to express the fractions of their angular measurement called notations. There are more than 3 widely used notations, and the conversion from a notation to another requires mathematical calculations.

eYamakan replaces the street address and the longitude/latitude combinations with an integer number generated online by the users. Any user can click anywhere on the map in eYamakan website, and will receive a unique number that can be used to mark and refer to the clicked location. The eYamakan number is permanent, unique, universal and unanimous.

The important features of the eYamakan number are as following:

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